Swiss Made Rolex Submariner Series 116610 Fakes


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Rolex Submariner series 116610

Super Water Ghost 904L case, the limit details are as follows: 1. From the inside to the outside, disassemble the genuine product, one part A set of abrasive tools, slow work to produce fine work 2. The entire watch case is made of imported wheels, polished with imported wax, white in color and bright in luster, and has the best quality experience in the market. 3. The base of the bezel, the fastening ring, and the waterproof i-ream are interchangeable with the genuine product. There are 3 spring steel balls where the base of the bezel and the middle shell are connected, which is exactly the same as the original one, which perfectly restores the genuine product. The elastic touch of the bezel buffer band 5. Not only the structure is consistent, but the waterproof performance can also match the original product-the screw-in outer ring, the back cover and the winding crown system are joined to the middle case to show the water resistance of the consumable case to the extreme performance. Detailed analysis of wonderful details: 1. the closest to the original beeswax night pearl; 2. The gap between the exclusive ring and the glass; 3.the closest to the original green ceramic outer ring, the color difference is restored by 98%; 4.the closest to the original platinum Filled scale, never fade; 5.closest to the original pointer, sharp and neat cut surface without burrs; 6.closest to the original tapered center shaft; 7.closest to the original calendar bubble mirror, the most transparent market; 8.The closest to the original meticulous surface, the font logo is thick and thin, and the color difference is restored by 98%; 9.the closest to the original dragon and phoenix pattern, the exclusive CNC engraving technology, the level of fineness is by no means the market’s corrosion technology can be beautiful! The ingenuity welcomes your tasting!



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