Swiss Made Rolex Greenwich Gmt-masterii 126710 (Black And Blue Circle) At A Low Price


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Rolex Greenwich Gmt-master ii 126710 (black and blue circle)

The best copy of Rolex Greenwich II series 116710/126710/116719/126719 (40*12.3mm), overcoming market shortcomings Purchase the latest original molds, the literal fonts are synchronized with the original silver white, and all functions such as reverse calendar adjustment and fast hour hand adjustment are realized. 100% uses 904L stainless steel (supports metal composition detection, fake one loses one hundred), and clones the original one-piece movement (Synchronized with three original Cal.3186 movements and five Cal.3285 movements), blue hairspring, imported KIF shock absorbers (non-fake triangle shock absorbers), and genuine ceramic rings.

Reason for starting: 1. Super ring mouth: Ceramic color matching: After two years of firing and replacing several ceramic factories, firing the color that is closest to the original Cerachrom outer ring, black and blue/Milan ring, Red and blue/Coke rings can be comparable to the original, especially the red part of the Coke ring breaks through the red or black bottleneck of previous versions; Coated on the font to make the font color durable, and it will not fade or turn black when it meets water and oil;

2.complete functions: the calendar can be quickly adjusted in the clockwise direction, the pointer can be adjusted in the clockwise direction, 2+1 Three time zone display, two-way circle mouth, instantaneous calendar jump, especially the second gear can reverse and quickly adjust the hour hand to make the calendar rebound very stable. This is currently the most advanced movement;

3, real material Material: The watch case and strap are made of imported high-component 904L stainless steel. Not a few manufacturers use 316 to affix a label to pretend to be. It is truly high in hardness, high in density, corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant. It is tested by professional institutions. The% composition is Mo=5.08, Co=1.37, Ni=25.5, Fe=48.11.Mn=1.29, Cr=17.99;

4. Breakthrough in details: The literal English and the crown are different from the snow white of the market, but are synchronized with the original Silver white. Calendar font magnification 20 times has almost no glitches comparable to the original, and the thickness and size are completely synchronized with the original. The mirror surface is slightly higher than the ring opening by about 0.3mm, and most manufacturers’ lenses are about 0.5mm higher than the ring opening. The clasp is smooth and flat beside the rivets.

5. Movement highlights: The fine lines and washing of the movement deck are exquisite and delicate, and the fonts are clear and deep. It is different from the coarse ore of the earlier version. It is true and synchronized with the original model Cal.3186/3285 integrated movement, KIF shock absorber, blue Color balance spring, each movement has passed the QE simulation test of the rotation meter. The N Plant Greenwich Type II series includes a total of 5 models: three black plants (116710LN-78200), three black and blue/Milan circles (116710BLNR-78200), five black and blue/Milan circles (126710BLRO-0001), red and blue /Coke circle three plants (116719-BLRO), red and blue/Coke circle five plants (126710BLRO-0001).



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