Swiss Made Rolex Water Ghost. Men’s Watch, 904l Stainless Steel, Original 3135 Automatic Mechanical Movement, Dense Bottom. Copy


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Rolex Water Ghost. Men’s watch, 904L stainless steel, original 3135 automatic mechanical movement, dense bottom. Ten characteristics: 1 Ceramic ring: The green ceramic ring reaches 99% of the authentic emerald green, and the black water ghost reaches 100% without color difference. Like the original version, the scale is plated with platinum, which is stain resistant, does not blacken, and the luminous beads are full and crystal clear. 2 Revolving circle: The diving circle is attractive, the scale of each tooth is clearly positioned, and it has a feeling of being dragged like the original version. It will not feel blunt or running when rotating (this is currently only available in NAIL factory), sound and The original is as crisp and sweet as the ears. 3Material: 904L stainless steel (including handles, ears, screws… to be tested) the weight of the whole table is the same as the original product, about 155 grams. 4 Movement: Modified 3135 movement, the Parachrom blue niobium hairspring that is the same as the genuine one. The direction of time adjustment is consistent with the genuine 3135. More than 72 hours of long power reserve, three days and three nights will not stop (the battery life is more than 72 hours, the watch will still be accurate when you take off the watch on Friday and wear it on Monday). 5 Case: The English characters of the inner shadow are magnified one hundred times and are consistent with the original ones. In the inner shadow at six o’clock, each table has an independent number (one table does not repeat one number). The sapphire glass is accompanied by an anti-counterfeiting invisible LOGO. 6 Strap: The brushed texture is clear, and it is seamlessly connected to the case (with NAIL exquisite screwdriver, the length of the strap can be removed by itself). 7 Clasp: Seamless butt joint, no traces of electric welding, the safety buckle LOGO is exquisite, with the function of adjusting the length of the strap in an instant. 8-word: powerful luminous, extremely translucent. The brightness is consistent with the original version (NAIL is equipped with a light storage lamp for testing) 9 Calendar: The size of the large calendar window is the same as the original version, and the font printing is as convex as the original version. When it is enlarged sixty times, there will be no ink flow and burrs. 10 Bottom cover: The standard 144 teeth are consistent with the original product, with clear tooth patterns and no burrs. Summary: NAIL has beaten all the re-engraving versions in terms of technology and details, reaching the peak glory of the re-engraving world.



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